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Firma Industries:

can supply onsite fully qualified Inspectors to provide detailed reports conditions of your assets. This then allows you to fully understand the conditions, methodology that can be put in place for maintenance or refurbishment. This also assures high standards and methodology for contractors
Inspectors are qualified by Australian Corrosion Association Inc

Services include:
  • Asset Inspections and Detailed
  • Reporting
  • Inspection and Condition Reporting.
  • Underwater Survey of Boat lifting
  • Equipment.
  • Delaminating Surveys
  • Schmidt Hammer Testing and
  • Mapping.
  • Visual Surveys of Spalled and
  • Delaminated Concrete.
  • Coating Inspections.
  • Pull off Test / Profile report tests /
  • WFT (Wet Film Test) & DFT (Dry
  • Film Test).
  • Abrasive Blasting / Surface Inspections
  • SCAT (Surface Contamination
  • Analyses Testing).
  • Offshore and Marine Inspections
  • Under Jetty Inspection
  • Detail inspection of offshore oil/gas platforms.
    QA/QC Inspection of contractors to provide a high Standard of Workmanship






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